Mindfulness can bring us peace by stepping away from being lost in and exhausted by lots of thoughts and instead bringing our attention to the present moment 😊

Give yourself and your mind some peace today 😊

A lot of people, especially when new to mindfulness, find they struggle to fit in time to do a formal practice. This is where it can be really helpful to do informal practices throughout the day.

You can do anything mindfully and as you are doing the activity anyway why not be *present* when you are doing it.

For example – having a cup of tea (pay attention to the taste, temperature, smell, way it makes you feel) – having a shower (focus on the feel of the water on your skin, sounds, smell of your shampoo) – walking up stairs (notice movements in your legs, sensations in other parts of your body)

Do this with *anything* and at the same time *let go of any thoughts* or *let thoughts be* in the background but don’t engage them.

This will give your mind regular breaks throughout the day which can help you feel calmer and more at ease 😊 (do these informal practices on top of formal practice as well if you can 😊)


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