Mindfulness Tip

I’d like to invite you all to spend a few moments gently scanning around your body and noticing any relaxed areas or uncomfortable areas. If you find any tension you might want to see if you can allow it to gently soften (this can often happen if we focus on it, letting it be there and just being curious) 😊



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Weekly Mindful Reminder – Be kind to the monkey mind

Isn’t it amazing how quickly our minds can “kick-off” and the monkey mind is there in all it’s glory creating emotional havoc for us, racing around in our heads with little control, unable to settle and feel calm. We then SUFFER.

I picked my son up from school on Friday all excited because it was the last day of term, the sun was shining and he would go and play in the park with his lovely friends whilst I chatted to their lovely parents – ahhh what a great plan….BUT

….all I heard from the other children was “Barny has just thrown up in the cloakroom” over and over again.

Without hesitation, my mind “kicked off” and those monkeys started to rampage as the thoughts appeared “oh no, Barny won’t be able to play, I won’t be able to chat, we’ll have to go home, I hate sick, do I have to clean it up?, but the suns out, I want to stay outside, what if Barny’s really ill?…..” The thoughts appeared as if by magic.

Thankfully, I noticed those monkeys and that my mind had “kicked off” and I just paused, noticed tension in my body and took a few deep breaths softening the tension.  I smiled at those cheeky monkeys and without force or feeling annoyed, I noticed them and let them go.

My attention them moved to compassion and instead of engaging in my own ego driven thoughts, I shifted my focus to my poor son and went to look after him.
The monkey mind settled and I felt calm and fully present with my son, which felt so much better.

So, when your mind “kicks off”, try to be kind to those monkeys and allow your mind to settle, notice the breath and the body and gradually you will be able to tame the monkey mind more quickly and feel calm and peaceful again, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy any chocolate you might have – eating mindfully as you go!

Remember too that taming the monkey mind takes practice, so please do try to practice formally and informally as best you can.

Warmest wishes,


Mindfulness Tip

Mindfulness can bring us peace by stepping away from being lost in and exhausted by lots of thoughts and instead bringing our attention to the present moment 😊

Give yourself and your mind some peace today 😊

A lot of people, especially when new to mindfulness, find they struggle to fit in time to do a formal practice. This is where it can be really helpful to do informal practices throughout the day.

You can do anything mindfully and as you are doing the activity anyway why not be *present* when you are doing it.

For example – having a cup of tea (pay attention to the taste, temperature, smell, way it makes you feel) – having a shower (focus on the feel of the water on your skin, sounds, smell of your shampoo) – walking up stairs (notice movements in your legs, sensations in other parts of your body)

Do this with *anything* and at the same time *let go of any thoughts* or *let thoughts be* in the background but don’t engage them.

This will give your mind regular breaks throughout the day which can help you feel calmer and more at ease 😊 (do these informal practices on top of formal practice as well if you can 😊)


Mindfulness Tip

It can often be as easy to not practice when we feel relaxed or on holiday as it is when we’re “too busy”. However when we are feeling relaxed it is a good time to do some formal practice as this will be there for us in the more difficult times.

Why not give yourself some helpful brain training by doing some formal practice today 😊 and remember to congratulate yourself after for taking time to do this 👏

Mindfulness Tip

I wanted to remind us all again about how important it is to be kind to ourselves. We all make mistakes now and again and life presents us with various challenges so there is no point punishing ourselves for errors. Regret is also a waste of time – it’s just a thought.

If you are suffering and having unkind thoughts about yourself you might like to try the Loving Kindness track (session 7) or the short Three Step Kindfulness (extra sessions) on the Present Mind app. Also I find it helpful to quietly say to yourself “It’s OK” or “It will all be alright” when you notice any unkind thoughts popping in ❤️