My Year of Living Mindfully

Hi everyone, here are details of a film that’s being streamed now to watch. I haven’t watched it yet but definitely plan to, looks very interesting.

My Year of Living Mindfully
The award-winning feature documentary about mindfulness and mental health is now FREE to stream for 7 days from 27 May to 3 June.

Followed by a special Q&A, moderated by journalist Lynne Malcolm (host of ABC Radio National’s All in The Mind) and including the film’s director Shannon Harvey (who made The Connection Documentary), along with two of the experts in the film, Associate Professor Craig Hassed from Monash University and Professor Amit Bernstein from the University of Haifa.



Emma x

Mindful Reminder

I’ve just been away to Oxford for a few days. As with everywhere I go I’m constantly on the lookout for Mindfulness inspiration to take photos of 😊

There were lots of these signs at the Universities which made me 😁.

Have you had any quiet time today? It’s very helpful and nourishing to sit quietly and simply do nothing now and again 😁

Mindful Reminder

I often get inspiration from a variety of things when I’m sending out reminders. Today’s was randomly from reading an interview with Debbie McGee. One of her quotes was;

“My view is what happens to you is going to happen so don’t fight it, go with it.”

I love this, so much more helpful than trying to fight and resist things. Remember session 5 – what we feel, we heal. What we resist persists 😁