This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz.

As you travel through your day today (I think we are a bit like travellers just passing through life!!), I wonder just how many times you stop and notice anything that’s pleasant.

Our minds are drawn towards the unpleasant and if we left it up to our minds to notice the pleasant, we would probably have to wait a long time, or the pleasant event would need to be quite significant.

What about all those many, many pleasant moments scattered throughout our days that are so easy to miss.
This is your opportunity to practice informal mindfulness and to see that there is actually always something pleasant to be found in our experience.

So, why not just pause right now, if you can, and sink your attention into your body and away from your chattering mind.

Perhaps you notice a sound that’s pleasant, a sensation of calmness in a part of the body, the breeze of the wind on your face if you’re outside, or a taste that’s pleasant, the sight of a flower, or parts of your body that feels comfortable or even the fact that your body is breathing freely bringing life to every cell of your body.

With mindfulness practice we can learn to become aware of and hold the pleasant with the unpleasant, which helps us to find balance and stability in our life.

I hope you all have a good day.

Warmest wishes

mind like tofu


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