This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz

If we can spend more time experiencing the present moment, perhaps by simply feeling the breath and our body, we can spend less time engaged in the often rapid unhelpful thought, giving our minds a rest and helping us to feel calm and settled.

This gives us the freedom to get in touch with our intuition or gut feeling about what is right or to be avoided.
We can also find more space in our heads, free from the clutter of unhelpful thought, to make room for functional thinking, learning and problem solving.

In addition to formal practice if possible, see if you can remember to introduce simple regular pauses throughout the day – just sink your awareness into your body at any time, feel the breath, the bodily sensations including movement, hear sounds ….. think less, feel more.


Our App features a variety of guided practices, stories, FAQs and resources to support your own practice. Enjoy!

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