Weekly Mindfulness Reminder – Why I MeditateĀ šŸŒ±

I have been thinking* about why I meditate on a daily basis and I thought it might be helpful to share;

– It makes me feel happier, more content and less stressed.
– It helps living with MS greatly (less relapses, more compassion towards myself, less unhelpful thoughts about the past / future and even resulting in me now running regularly!)
– It improves my relationships with others by giving my full attention to them (remember the 3 important questions?)
– It gives me much more confidence to trust my gut instinct and make decisions from what feels right from my heart rather than from my head (this has definitely been an important part of my recent career change).
– It gives me more time back in my day by enabling me to be focussed on one thing at a time.
– It empowers me by teaching me that I donā€™t need to believe or engage in all my thoughts.

I hope this is useful and I really encourage you all to practice regularly to experience the many benefits!

*when I say ā€œthinkingā€ Iā€™m talking about choosing to functionally think rather than psychological brain chatter

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