Mindful Reminder

I’ve just been away to Oxford for a few days. As with everywhere I go I’m constantly on the lookout for Mindfulness inspiration to take photos of 😊

There were lots of these signs at the Universities which made me 😁.

Have you had any quiet time today? It’s very helpful and nourishing to sit quietly and simply do nothing now and again 😁

Mindful Reminder

I often get inspiration from a variety of things when I’m sending out reminders. Today’s was randomly from reading an interview with Debbie McGee. One of her quotes was;

“My view is what happens to you is going to happen so don’t fight it, go with it.”

I love this, so much more helpful than trying to fight and resist things. Remember session 5 – what we feel, we heal. What we resist persists 😁

Weekly Mindful Reminder – Practice

I’m often reminded about how people are very knowledgable and aware about
looking after their bodies. We know we should do regular exercise, eat a healthy diet and have a good sleep pattern. What, however, I think people don’t consider as much is valuing the same importance on looking after our minds. 

To me, one of the best ways to look after our minds is to train them regularly to be more present and in the moment. Mindfulness practice is a form of brain training and the way we get the many benefits from this is by practicing regularly. For example, if we went to the gym once to do sit ups and then didn’t go again for weeks we wouldn’t experience the benefit of a toned tummy! It’s the same with mindfulness – regular practice helps train
our brains to be more focussed, aware and have more space.

Regular practice is also giving ourselves some time – an act of self compassion. 

Maybe set an intention today to be kind to yourself and begin a regular practice – possibly beginning with 10 mins a day. With this you will soon notice the benefits in all areas of your life.

This weeks mindful reminder is written by Emma x


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Weekly Mindful Reminder – Thoughts Are Like Clouds

This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz x

I was reminded recently that our thoughts are like clouds in the sky, arriving whenever they want and then leaving again.

Clouds can be light and fluffy or heavy and dark, just like our thoughts.

With practice, we can learn to observe our thoughts as though we are observing the clouds in the sky and just let them pass by without interfering with them.

In time we will notice more often the gaps in between the clouds or our thoughts, which is the blue sky of our mind.

This is always present and if we practice, we will experience clarity, calm and a sense of freedom.

Remember, the breath is always there as an anchor to bring you back into the present moment.

Warmest wishes,