“Emma and mindfulness have quite literally transformed my life. After undergoing treatment for cancer and being given the all clear I had a lot of anxiety regarding the cancer returning. My oncology consultant recommended that I ‘try’ mindfulness and through a friend was recommended Emma!
Through working with Emma on building mindful practice into my daily life the levels of worry and anxiety have dramatically reduced to nothing more than an occasional thought. I want to thank Emma for giving me back my life and giving me the skills to deal with what has happened in my past.

I had three one to one sessions with Emma as I wasn’t in to group sessions and was keen to understand how mindfulness could help me become more focused in both my personal and busy professional life. I would not of thought this a year ago but taking twenty minutes out of my 6am – 7pm working life TO MYSELF has had such a positive output on my productiveness, focus and general wellbeing. My health has improved, my team have commented on how I bring a sense of calm but focus to work and my Wife (A previous mindfulness sceptic) comments that my fuse has got a lot longer!”

― Private client – 1:1 mindfulness therapy and psychotherapy