I first began attending mindfulness sessions with Emma upon manager recommendation; I’d been feeling rather overwhelmed with increasing workloads, career choices and was finding it difficult to manage stressors at work.

Emma was, from the beginning extremely warm and welcoming – making the somewhat daunting idea of learning a new concept much easier.

I really feel like I benefited a lot from Emma’s sessions, in many ways.

She taught me mental and breathing techniques, allowing me to;

  •  Identify stressors and thereby reduce them
  • Cope in times of stress
  • Make confident decisions (in scenarios where previously I’d have been indecisive)
  • Priorities what is important, and;
  • Appreciate the joy in simple tasks

These are all techniques that I know will serve me well throughout my life and for that I am extremely grateful.

I believe there is a place for mindfulness in every workplace and the benefit of its application a real, lifelong skill to help better yourself as a person.

― Mindfulness Sessions