“I very much enjoyed the course and feel I have greatly benefitted from it. Many, many thanks”

“Very useful and complementary to my diploma course, particularly the guided practices”

“I have looked forward to sessions and will aim to continue to practice. Really enjoyable and practical and I am already feeling the benefits. Thank you!”

“Both tutors excellent in manner and presentation style – their differences are nicely complementary”

“Really benefitted from the course, certainly plan to bring mindfulness into daily life.”

“Very approachable and nice not to feel pressured to speak”

“Informal approach, open discussions are useful”

“Having time, guided meditation, “escape” from being very “busy””

“The practices, listening to others experiences, feedback”

“Very relaxed, informal and facilitators have a great knowledge of area”

“Enjoyed them – relaxed, friendly, welcoming”

“Set at own pace and don’t probe asking why attending”

“Informative with really useful tips on using it in day to day life”

“Lovely peaceful room and location, birds singing etc”

“Very pleasant environment”

“Very nice peaceful location”


― Mindfulness 8 Week Course – Group Feedback