Mindfulness Tip

How about having a mindful cup of tea or coffee this afternoon? 

Notice the steps you follow to make the drink. Let go of any thoughts whilst drinking it and give your mind a rest by simply noticing the taste, smell, temperature in your mouth and enjoy ☕️

Weekly Mindful Reminder – Road Rage!

When I began regular formal practice around 3 years ago one of the first benefits I noticed was a decrease in road rage!

Now, I have never considered myself an annoyed person or someone with a temper, I am a Scorpio though so let’s say I do get very passionate about certain things! I was increasingly noticing that the only person that my road rage was bothering or hurting was myself! So now, instead of venting, tensing up, shouting when someone dangerously cuts me up or unkindly doesn’t let me in I turn my attention to sensations in my body. Tight chest, hands gripping tightly on the steering wheel, feeling hot. I’m curious about these sensations which allows them to disperse naturally. I no longer hold on to the annoying thoughts and memories for something that only lasted a split second – I let it go. I then bring my attention into the present moment instead – the feeling of my hands on the steering wheel, contact points my body is making with the seat, sounds, nature or buildings I pass etc.

I have also found doing the body awareness practice whilst driving very helpful (with my eyes open of course!). So now and again I start with my feet and work my way up the body being curious and any sensations and gently guiding my attention back each time it wanders onto thoughts.

You may like to give this a try next time another driver annoys you. Driving is a great time to be mindful…being in the present moment and focused to have a safer journey. Surely there is no better time to “wake up” than when you drive!!

Weekly Mindfulness Reminder – Don’t Forget To Live Your Life

The attached quote seems to really sum it all up – don’t forget to live your life.

Spend time cultivating awareness and be present with whatever your life brings.

Start now by just waking up to the feeling of the body breathing, to sounds, to the sensations in the body and perhaps just soften any areas of tension in the body and just live your life, for this moment.

– This weeks Mindfulness reminder is from Roz Kings