New Year Resolution

Last year I made a resolution I have actually kept! This was to continue with my regular mindfulness practice of course. I’ll be setting the same one this year too along with the usual ones of trying to exercise more, eat more healthily etc etc. I have thought that these other resolutions do sort of link to mindfulness anyway (mindful running, mindful eating and generally looking after myself).

I hope if you do choose to set any resolutions yourself that they are also in some way linked to doing things in a mindful way and are about being kind and looking after yourself as well as other people.

Wishing you all a happy, mindful new year.


Weekly Mindful Reminder – Mindfulness 🌱

I’ve been very busy over the past few weeks (which I’m grateful about with it being early days of my new business!). I have noticed however that this has had an impact on my regular mindfulness practice. What was 30 mins slipped to 20 then some days to 10 or even less on those very busy days.

Now, with a mindful attitude, I have tried not to be judgmental to myself about this and treated myself with kindness. But to add to this I got ill last week – only a cold but it meant I had to take a break from my running (now one of my regular mindful activities). I began to notice the impact this was having on me – not too dramatic but I started to feel a little more “frazzled”, more stressed than usual about workload and generally unable to think as clearly. This made me a little more snappy and reactive than usual too.

All in all I realised what I needed to do – more formal mindfulness practice! So I set the intention a few days ago to do a longer, daily practice and I’m already noticing the benefits. I’m feeling more in control, calm, logical and focused even my cold is improving so I hope to be running again soon (there’s quite a few studies including this showing the link between regular meditation and fewer colds)

Reminders like this are useful sometimes as you notice the reason you may have started mindfulness in the first place – to feel happier, calmer, more focussed and more in control. You really see how useful it is do especially at your busiest times.

With love,

Weekly Mindful Reminder – Relationships

I recently attended a day long silent retreat. Some friends have made comments such as “ohh lovely, how relaxing” but it was really tiring – a whole day of brain training to guide my attention away from thoughts and into the present moment.

The course leader made a comment that I found very interesting and poignant. He was talking about the guilt we often feel about taking time out to meditate and the constant push from thoughts that there are other “more important” things to do (work, washing, ironing, socialising etc. etc.). He reminded the group though, that whenever we practice it is of course an act of kindness towards ourselves and looking after our own minds but equally will have a big impact on our friends, family, loved ones and wider community – through our enhanced relationships with everyone. Therefore regular practice is not a selfish act at all and can really make big positive changes in our lives and the lives of people around us.