Mindfulness Tip

How about having a mindful cup of tea or coffee this afternoon? 

Notice the steps you follow to make the drink. Let go of any thoughts whilst drinking it and give your mind a rest by simply noticing the taste, smell, temperature in your mouth and enjoy ☕️

Weekly Mindful Reminder – The Past and Future are Burdens

This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz.

Many people feel like they trudge through life as though they have a heavy rucksack on their back.
This heavy burden of thoughts about the past or the future will weigh us down and don’t really belong to us anyway.
If you can find the courage to practice Mindfulness, you will put the rucksack down.
Let go of the past and the future.
Be free in the present moment.

Simply stop for a moment and notice the breath or sounds or how the body feels.
Do this throughout your day – keep on putting the heavy burden of your rucksack down!

Warmest wishes,