Hi Everyone,

A friend of mine told me that when it was raining non-stop the other day, she went out to fetch her son from school and on her way home, she smiled and jumped straight into a puddle! My friend and her son thought it hilarious!

I saw her that evening and asked if she’d had a good day and the first thing she told me was this story.
This is what she had remembered and why? – because although such a simple act, she felt present, alive, happy and silly in a lovely way and of course her son felt the same too.

I’m not suggesting that we all need to go and jump in puddles to be happy, although it is fun!
Just see if you can allow yourself to experience a few simple pleasures today and really notice how the pleasant feeling actually feels in your body.
This noticing can help to inform the mind in a positive way and also settle the mind if it’s feeling very busy.
We can only notice simple pleasures if we are present which means we are no longer engaging in and entertaining all of those thoughts.

For example, noticing how green and nourished the trees look because its rained, really taste the next drink or food you have, notice pleasant sounds, notice an act of kindness from someone or your own act of kindness which could be a simple smile and saying good morning to someone, or simply the fact that your amazing body is breathing.

Warmest wishes,

Rozsimple pleasures.JPG

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