It seems that for some of us who are lucky enough to go away on holiday, we tend to relax a little and our “hard edges” start to soften.

We might also slow down and start to notice our surroundings more – perhaps even opening our minds and spending less time stuck in our often very small, constrained world of frequently unhelpful stories and thoughts in our heads.

It’s a nice feeling to wake up and be present for a while.

I noticed that when I was away in Cornwall recently that I’d find myself playing simple games, just because…..not with any goal or need for reward or being judged.
I spent ages with my son trying to knock sandcastles down with a ball, that we’d built on some rocks.
It was fun and we didn’t have any other cares or worries in the world – apart from perhaps the tide coming in!!!

I wonder if we can introduce and be present with some simple pleasures in our everyday life.
Perhaps just notice the taste of a cup of tea or how our bodies carry us around from a to b, or the sound of some music, the feel of a breeze on the skin, or a smile from a friend or colleague – the list is endless.

The simple pleasures in life are all around us and provide us with many opportunities to just pause and be present – allowing the chattering mind to calm for a moment.

Warmest wishes,
simple pleasures.jpeg

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