I’m just about to go out for a run in the rain. You may wonder why I’m telling you this but this reminds me of my own mindfulness practice. Before I started mindfulness I didn’t run, never mind run in the rain!

I used to let my thoughts control me so things like “what if I slip?”, “I’ll get too wet”, “I’m not in the mood to run”, “I haven’t got time” etc etc.

With mindfulness practice though I now notice these are *just thoughts* – I don’t need to believe them or get involved in them.

So instead of engaging all these unhelpful thoughts I will go for my run now and bring my attention to the present moment by simply noticing the rain on my skin, the wind, the way my body feels and if unhelpful thoughts pop in I will *take control* and not let them control me.

See if you can do this with your thoughts with your own regular practice.




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