If you’re ever struggling to make a decision you may like to try the coin trick.

This was an idea suggested by Ajahn Brahm a Buddhist monk (who has written some brilliant books too).

Basically you flip a coin when deciding between two options – so for example deciding whether to go for a walk or go to the shops. Heads is walk, tails is shops. It doesn’t really matter what the coin lands on – just see what your immediate response is. This will be your gut reaction and this will usually tell you if that’s the option you truly want.

We often spend a lot of time overthinking decisions rather than following our *heart* or our *gut instinct* which I believe usually shows us what we truly want to do.

Maybe practice this on some smaller decisions e.g. when you can’t decide what you want for dinner, whether to go out that night or not etc then you have practiced it ready for a bigger decision in life when needed (leaving a job, ending a relationship, moving house, having a difficult conversation with someone etc) 😊

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