Hi everyone I thought it was time to recap on the 3 Step Breathing Space again. You might like to try and do this at various points throughout the day. It can last as long or short as you’d like. Why not try it now? 😊👇
*Step 1* gently bring your attention to any thoughts you have in that moment. Have a look at your mind and notice if it’s busy or if there are any gaps and spaces in between thoughts. No need to engage the thoughts 💭 just simply observe. Also check how you are feeling emotionally in that moment – notice any feelings that are present.
*Step 2* guide your focus to the fact that your body is breathing and spend a few moments simply feeling and following the in breath and the out breath. No need to change how you are breathing, just follow your natural breath.
*Step 3* expand your awareness to your whole body. Gently scan your attention around your body noticing any physical sensations, relaxed or tense areas. You may choose to soften any tension you find.
Remember to congratulate yourself on doing this nourishing informal meditation after.


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