This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz.

One of my favourite mindfulness teachers, Charlotte Joko Beck was asked what she had learnt from her 40 years of practicing mindfulness. She simply said “kindness”.

The Dalai Lama was asked to sum up his religion and he simply said “kindness”.

Mindfulness is a wonderful thing but if we can sprinkle even a small amount of kindness onto it, we can start to feel truly free, happy and content.

So, next time you notice that you’re being self critical, see if you can just pause for a moment, perhaps smile gently to yourself and quietly label the thoughts.  Allow your attention to settle into the body and just breathe and maybe say to yourself, “it’s ok”.
Can you have an attitude of kindness towards yourself, just like you would if you were comforting a best friend, child or kitten that was suffering?
E.G Kind words, comforting gestures, hugs, kind actions etc

Remember too that what we practice, we get good at!

Warmest wishes,

Roz x




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