Hi everyone,
I was thinking earlier about stress, nerves and anxiety. These are all driven and fuelled by thoughts. Unhelpful thoughts nearly always lead to physical sensations. The physical sensations then result in more worrying thoughts and the loop begins.
Mindfulness can help us *step off this loop*. This is by *noticing thoughts* and *labelling them* or *letting them go*. We don’t need to engage in, believe or listen to our thoughts. Mindfulness gives us a wonderful feeling of *being in control of our thoughts*.
Along with noticing, labelling and letting go of thoughts it is very helpful to *turn your attention towards the physical sensations* they have created. Just notice the sensations with *curiosity, interest and acceptance*. Allowing them to be there and curiously exploring them can let them disperse naturally instead of them creating more anxious thoughts.
Give it a go yourself next time you experience stress or anxiety.

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