This weeks reminder is written by Roz 

Recently I went to a brilliant mindfulness retreat day in Birmingham.
The retreat leader made reference to our relationship with our thoughts as being either like velcro or teflon!!

This is so true.
Often we can spend much of our day lost in thoughts and being stuck to them as if we have no control or choice. We get dragged around by them and believe all of the sticky stories, judgements, opinions etc that arrive in our minds to be true.  This often creates agitation and exhaustion or some kind of suffering.

When we practice mindfulness, we come to realise that actually thoughts are just thoughts and they can become less sticky and more “teflon”, non-stick.
This can give us a sense of freedom and significantly reduce our suffering that we often create for ourselves as we stick to and believe those thoughts that are unhelpful.

Of course, regular formal practice can help us to let go of our thoughts quite naturally.
See if you can also informally spend a few minutes, several times each day just letting the thoughts be a bit more “teflon”, noticing them and letting them go by bringing your attention back into the present moment. Experience sounds, the breath, body moving, smells and taste to bring your attention back into the present moment. This will encourage your relationship with the thoughts to become more “teflon” and free us back into our real world of the present moment.

Warmest wishes,


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