Weekly Mindful Reminder – Big Magic in Simple Things

This weeks reminder is written by Roz

Recently a lovely lady attending a mindfulness course reported to us that she had spent more time with her young daughter, actually fully present with her, without the usual drifting off into thought about reliving her days work or listing over and over in her head what needed to be done later.

She was just there in the moment with her little girl and she described it with a sense of tender love and a sense of full appreciation and gratitude.

It’s these moments that mindfulness practice allows us to enjoy.

We can allow ourselves to notice the simple, yet truly precious things in life – it might be as simple as a flower, a bird flying by, the warmth of the sun on our skin, our children playing or family members talking to us, the taste of a delicious meal or feeling gratitude if we are physically well enough to get up and walk outside to smell the fresh air  – the list is endless but yet it’s often these precious little moments that we miss because we’re so caught up in our own world of thought about the past or the future.

See if you can make a habit of being mindful and noticing the pleasant things in life.
See too if you can notice how this feeling presents itself in the body and begin to become familiar with how it feels to be happy and content.

Warmest wishes,



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