This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz x

The difference between heaven and hell are less than a hair’s breadth and that hair’s breadth is the difference between believing a thought and not believing a thought.

 Mindfulness practice helps us to observe thoughts and to learn that they are transient – they come and go a bit like clouds moving through the sky.

You are not your thoughts and they don’t define you.

You do not need to believe every thought that comes into your head or take thoughts personally.

 Our attachment to thoughts is what causes suffering.

 We can learn to NOTICE thoughts, ACKNOWLEDGE their presence with interest and curiosity and just LEAVE THEM ALONE by returning our attention back into the present moment of our REALITY, such as feeling the breath, hearing sounds, tasting food, feeling body sensations etc.

 Please get in touch to receive a three step breathing space, guided practice (3 mins).

This is a great practice that will allow you to pause when your thoughts threaten to spiral out of control by helping you to ground yourself back into the present moment.

 Warmest wishes,



App update – our new app has had some more updates added and is FREE to download. It features a variety of guided practices, stories, FAQs and resources to support your own practice. Enjoy!

Download for iOS

Download for Android

You can also find them in the stores by searching: Present Mind Mindfulness

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