I have been reflecting on the popularity of social media this week. Technology and the access social media gives us is a wonderful thing however I think this is only when we know how to use it rather than letting it control us.

You may have noticed the pull that social media can have over us which sometimes makes it feel like it’s another one of those activities on our “to do” list. This, to me is an example of where technology is controlling us rather than us controlling it. This makes it more of an emotional reaction rather than a logical response when using it.

Mindfulness formal and informal practice can help you gain more control and logical thinking over your use of technology and reduce feeling that unconscious pull towards it.

You might like to read this article with tips on this. Or what I often do when I feel that draw towards checking my phone is to take a few breaths, notice my thoughts and notice any emotions which allows me to logically decide if I want to check at that moment.

Talking of social media though you may like to follow my business website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages which have regular mindful reminders, prompts and exercises. These of course are ways of mindfully using social media to develop your responsiveness and reduce emotional reactiveness 😉

With love,

Emma x


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