This weeks mindful reminder is written by Roz.

The other night, when I was with some friends, we started to play some records on a turntable.
For those of you who can remember, the old black or occasionally funky coloured vinyl’s spinning round on the record player.

The one thing that I noticed was that we actually listened to a whole song and then paused as we waited for the next one to start.
Everything seemed to slow down and it was great.
We all chatted to each other or just sat quietly and listened.

Our attention was in the present moment rather than looking at a digital screen scrolling for the next song and making a lengthy play list with no gaps or pauses between songs, that often we didn’t even play to the end because we’re so keen to move on to the next one that seems better….
Life can be a bit like this, frantic, fast paced and exhausting.
We don’t need to be constantly grasping into the future of the “next song” and missing the one that’s already playing.

So, see if you can start to introduce regular pauses into your day – just pause for a moment, notice the breath, sounds, taste of food, movement of the body.
I’ve noticed that the turntable is making a comeback – perhaps we instinctively know that we would feel happier and calmer if we allowed ourselves to pause sometimes.

Warmest wishes


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