Kindness is a fundamental part of mindfulness – being compassionate to others and to yourself. I truly believe that mindfulness practice helps you to start opening up your heart to people and treating yourself kindly too. I think this also opens your mind to notice kindness in others.

A simple way I have started to cultivate some kindness on a regular basis is by smiling and saying hello to people I pass during my run. This simple act makes me feel good and people always respond positively. The other day I was running past an elderly man walking his dog, he looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. So I smiled and said hello and his face really lit up – it was lovely to see. You never know but you really could change someone’s day with a simple act of kindness and it definitely makes you feel good and doesn’t cost you anything.

Emma x


App update – our new app has had some more updates added and is FREE to download. It features a variety of guided practices, stories, FAQs and resources to support your own practice. Enjoy!

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