Over the past few weeks I’ve had a few difficult things happen and to top it off someone drove into the back of my car on Friday! I’ve noticed my emotions have been heightened due to these events and have felt a little more “fragile” than usual. Yesterday I decided to use the formal “Turning Towards Difficulty” practice (available on our Present Mind app). Roz recorded this track so I didn’t have to listen to my own voice!

The practice was very interesting – even though I see myself as pretty aware of my body and emotions thanks to my regular practice – I still found some interesting physical sensations I hadn’t noticed before. I found a nervous, strange feeling deep in my tummy so I used the practice to focus my attention on this. As I explored it with gentle curiosity and “allowed” it to be there it moved into my chest slightly and the colour grey appeared to me. I could easily feel the emotion and events it was linked to but without trying to analyse anything I just simply “felt” it.

The next day I did the same TTD practice again and was surprised that the sensation wasn’t there. It seems by feeling it I had allowed it to disperse. Now, I have taught this practice numerous times to others in groups and 1:1 sessions and done it myself many times in my own practice but I was very interested to see how helpful it had been to me at this challenging time.

The practice encourages you to “feel to heal” and this certainly happened with me in this case. The sensation could easily return of course which is why regular practice is so helpful. I’d highly encourage all of you to try the TTD practice for yourself – you may be interested in what you find.

With love,

Emma x


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